Bay Area National Dance Week
Visions for a Successful Event

Visions for Successful Events
These tips come from the experiences of past event presenters who know first hand what works and what doesn't.

1. PROMOTE Your Own Event!
  • You will be listed in the Event Guide if you register by the deadline, but it really boosts numbers if you do additional publicity, like distributing an event flier.
  • Ride the coattails of BANDW’s blanket publicity by tying your event to the greater NDW events.
  • Use the BANDW logo, available upon request via email.
  • Send out press releases, making sure to cc the above email address (so we don’t send out conflicting publicity).
  • Supply BANDW with photos to use in the Event Guide.
  • Buy a display ad in the Event Guide to make yourself more visible.
  • Post an NDW sign (available upon request via email) on the day of your event.

2. Make the most of offering a FREE Event.
  • Make sure you high