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Thursday, April 29

group A

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
group A video screening, performance + discussion
view + discuss group A's new piece, HERE WAIT
The Garage
975 Howard Street
San Francisco

Youth Adult Senior

dance style: video, contemporary. HERE WAIT is a dance, music, and video collaboration between Alyssa Lee (choreographer), Nora Raggio (video artist), and Maggi Payne (electroacoustic composer). Taking its inspiration from a traffic sign stenciled on the pavement of a busy intersection, HERE WAIT presents the implications of different states of waiting in space and time. The dilemma of "waiting here" is investigated through answering such questions as: where does one find stillness in the decay of movement? how do we reconcile the dichotomy of pausing in time? how does one wait while remaining grounded in the present?
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